Last Prom Date, 2018

Painted and sewn canvas, fabric, canvas scraps, sand, poly-fil.

46”h x 26”w x 18”d

Cloaked and Yoked, 2019 

Sewn canvas, muslin, elastic, zippers, and acrylic paint. 

104"h x 72"w x 42"d

Bound and Cleft, 2018 

Sewn canvas, acrylic paint, zippers and snaps.

90"h x 60"w x 28"d

Filburt, 2019

Canvas, acrylic paint, zipper, sring, foam, nail polish, furniture parts. 

30"h x 16"w x 21"d

Supplementary Slump, 2018 

Acrylic paint, sewn linen, snaps, scrap foam.

50"h x 36"w x 20"d

Tool Bag, 2019

Sewn canvas, acrylic paint, zipper, found furniture parts, foam and fabric. 

117"h x 23"w x 34"d

Tiny Dancer, 2018 

Acrylic paint on swen canvas and snaps.

30"h x 24"w x 4"d

The Other Little Lamb, 2018

Acrylic paint on swen linen, snaps and pins. 

30"h x 24"w x 3"d

Haunch, 2019 

Sewn canvas, acrylic paint, foam and string. 

34"h x 20"w x 5"d 

Garden Variety Propriety, 2019 

Sewn canvas, acrylic paint, foam and string. 

45"h x 18"w x8"d